Medication management is crucial for effective treatment of various health conditions, and Extra Care's Medication Therapy Management program ensures that you're getting the most out of your medications.

Our team of pharmacists and healthcare providers collaborates with you to optimize your medication regimen, address any concerns or side effects, and enhance your overall treatment outcomes.

Through medication reconciliation, adherence monitoring, and regular medication reviews, we strive to ensure that you’re on the right track to better health.

Suitable for:


Optimized Treatment

Personalized medication plans and monitoring ensure safe and effective use of medications, minimizing the risk of adverse drug reactions, interactions, or non-adherence.

Education and Support

Patient education and counseling empower individuals to understand their medications, adhere to treatment plans, and manage potential side effects, enhancing medication safety and effectiveness.

Improved Outcomes

Regular monitoring and education reduce the risk of medication errors, adverse reactions, and non-adherence.

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