Extra Care supports capitated home care models by providing comprehensive care coordination, remote monitoring, and value-based programs to improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and enhance caregiver support.

We empower care teams with tools and resources to deliver personalized and holistic care to patients in their homes, including remote monitoring devices, care coordination services, and lifestyle coaching programs.

Moreover our caregiver support programs offer education, training, and respite services to help caregivers effectively support patients, manage their care needs, and maintain their own well-being.

Benefits of our programs:

Remote Patient Monitoring

helps deliver proactive, high-quality care to patients, reducing the need for frequent home visits and enabling efficient allocation of resources. It supports care teams in providing timely interventions and improving patient satisfaction.

Chronic Care Management

enables home care agencies to deliver value-based care to patients with chronic conditions, reducing hospital readmissions and improving care coordination. It supports care teams in providing proactive interventions, medication management, and lifestyle coaching to optimize patient health.

Acute Care Support

helps home care agencies provide specialized care and monitoring to patients at home during acute episodes. It facilitates collaboration with healthcare teams, prompt response to emergencies, and continuity of care, reducing hospital admissions and improving patient outcomes.

Transitional Care Management

helps home care agencies provide post-hospitalization support to patients, reducing the risk of complications and ensuring continuity of care. It supports care teams in coordinating services, monitoring patient progress, and addressing barriers to recovery, improving outcomes and reducing costs.

Behavioral Health Integration

helps home care agencies provide holistic care to patients with mental health conditions, integrating mental health support into care plans and services. It supports care teams in addressing psychosocial needs, promoting self-care, and enhancing patient resilience.

Medication Therapy Management

helps home care agencies deliver comprehensive medication management services to patients at home. It supports medication adherence, monitoring for adverse effects, and coordination with healthcare providers, ensuring safe and effective medication use and improving patient outcomes.


supports home care agencies in monitoring patient progress, evaluating program effectiveness, and identifying opportunities for improvement. It offers customizable reports and dashboards, enabling agencies to track key performance indicators and measure outcomes.

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